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‘Tis the Season: Cats and Hairballs

 All cat owners have endured at least one episode of their cat hacking up a hairball.  It is a very unpleasant experience for their cat – and the cat parent. What exactly is a hairball? How do they develop? And are they harmful to your cat friend?

What is a cat hairball?

 A cat hairball develops as a result of regular cat grooming. As a cat grooms itself, by using its tongue, hair is caught in the papillae (rough surface of the tongue). As a result, the hair is propelled down the throat and into the stomach. From here, some of the hair is digested and makes its way safely out of the digestive tract, and is excreted. However, some hair remains in the stomach and becomes a hairball.

Are some cats more susceptible to hairballs?

 Generally, yes. Kittens and younger cats are better at controlling hairballs than older cats. Long-haired cats tend to be at more risk of developing hairballs than shorter-haired cats. Hairballs can occur all year round, but they are more common in the spring and autumn when cats are shedding or changing their fur coats.

Are hairballs harmful to your cat?

 The occasional vomiting of hairballs is normal. However, frequent and repeated vomiting is concerning and you should take your cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible. Other symptoms to watch for in your cat are lethargy and lack of appetite. It is possible that your cat may be suffering from an intestinal blockage where the hair has passed to the stomach and into the digestional tract. This is very serious and you need to contact your veterinarian immediately. 

What can you do to reduce the risk of hairballs in your cat?

Regular grooming. Getting your cat used to brushing or combing, at least once or twice a week, is one of the best things you can do to help reduce incidents of hairballs in your cat. Regular brushing helps to remove loose hair. As a result, it reduces the amount of hair that your cat ingests. One of the best cat brushes on the market is the FURminator cat brush. You can buy one online at  See a video demonstration of the FURminator cat brush on our very own Maggie, the Tuxedo cat. 

If brushing your cat yourself is not an option, your veterinarian or a reputable groomer would be able to help you with your difficult kitty. Aim for at least once or twice a year minimum for grooming appointments.

Purchasing specialized hairball formula food approved by your veterinarian. There are several options on the market that help control and/or prevent hairballs. Consult your veterinarian to help you choose the best formula for your cat.

Administer hairball remedies. They are several types oral gel solutions that bind to the hair in the cat’s stomach to make it easier for the hair to pass through their digestive tract. Your veterinarian can prescribe one for your cat.

Lastly, keep floors clear of any objects, such as twist ties, thread, paperclips, etc. If ingested by your 

cat, the combination of a foreign object and a hairball in your cat’s stomach could be problematic.

Your cat, and you, do not have to suffer from frequent hairballs. Following the advice of your veterinarian and the suggestions listed above will help to alleviate the frequency of hairballs.

Disclaimer: The content of this Le CatBlog is based on my own personal experiences with cats, my own research, and veterinarian consultations. I am not a veterinarian and my statements should NOT replace advice from a veterinarian.  If you have concerns about your cat and hairballs, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Laser Cat Toy USB Charging

Thank you for visiting Le Catblog at LeCatShop! Today, the new product is this cool USB Charging Laser Cat Toy. I will explain its features and why it is such a great toy for your cat!

  • The unique thing about this laser toy is that there are no batteries required! It is USB charging so you can conveniently charge this by your computer, by plug or even in your car! No hassle finding the right battery size or creating more waste by continually throwing away batteries.


  • It comes with 5 designs to drive your cat crazy! - A dot, mouse, star, happy face, and a butterfly. 

  • It is a UV Light AND a flashlight.

Enjoy your new USB Charging Laser Cat Toy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

LeCatShop Mystery Boxes are here!

Mystery Boxes are a hot topic right now. Big names like Nike, EBay, Amazon and small companies are getting on the bandwagon to create their own Mystery Box. LeCatShop has decided to offer our customers a similar experience.

What is a Mystery Box?
A mystery box is a surprise box that is often offered in a specific theme or brand, like a cat-themed Mystery Box 
from LeCatshop or an athletic theme from a sports company. The content of the box represents a certain value. Mystery Boxes can range in value from $1 and up to $1000 depending on the seller. The content of the package is only known to the seller. The excitement and anticipation of what a buyer could receive are what is making Mystery Boxes so popular! They make great gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. 

What can you expect to see in LeCatShop's Mystery Boxes?
Anything on could be included in our Mystery Boxes. All items are randomly selected according to the value of the box, which is the charm of the surprise. From kitchenware, cat care, jewelry to home decor, no item is off-limits. To start, LeCatShop is offering 3 boxes starting at $27.40 CAD. You will have a choice of our Bronze Cat Mystery Box, Silver Cat Mystery Box and Gold Cat Mystery Box

Visit LeCatShop today to buy your LeCatShop Mystery Box! All prices in CAD funds. We ship to Canada and the USA.

Bronze LeCatShop Mystery Box. $27.40 CAD and a value over $35!

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The FURMinator - The Best Cat Brush

Many of you have probably heard of the FURminator cat brush. The reviews are raving that this brush is the best brush for cats. I always get the question, “What does the FURminator do that other brushes do not?”

In order to answer this question, we need to understand cat hair and its function. Because cats do not wear jackets or sweaters, they need a barrier to protect themselves against the cold, heat and the damaging sunlight. Also, they need something to protect them against physical and chemical trauma to the skin. These demands change all the time and, as humans, we change our clothes according to the weather. Cats, however, do not. There are many factors that can influence a cat’s coat and they include temperature, nutrition, hormones, other body chemicals, health of the cat, and genetics. Also, it has been observed that the amount of daily sunlight to which a cat is exposed plays a huge role in how much a cat sheds.

Outdoor cats do shed more (as compared to their indoor feline furry friends) just before a season change like spring and fall. The hair adjusts to the climate. Cats will grow more short and fluffy hair in the fall to add more warmth to their coat. This is what is known as “undercoat”.  When spring comes, there is a chemical change in the cat’s body signaling it to shed this “undercoat” and replace it with longer, more coarse primary hair to help the cat stay cool in the warm summer months. This signaling system acts differently in a strictly indoor cat. They do not get as much natural light as their outdoor furry friends and are exposed to more artificial light. As a result, their bodies lose their natural ability to detect a season change and they shed all the time and do not follow the same shedding cycles as outdoor cats.

Regardless of whether or not your cat is an outdoor cat, an indoor cat, or a combination of the two, it is important to realize that shedding is a normal cycle for cats. It is essential that cat owners manage their cat’s grooming to help prevent hairballs. In extreme cases, hairballs can
cause obstructions of the throat and/or the intestines (speak with your veterinarian about the dangers of hairballs to your cat).  By providing your cat with frequent grooming, proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, and annual vet visits, you can manage their shedding and prevent potentially harmful hairballs.

So, now that we know the basics of shedding, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the FURminator brush?


  • deShedding Edge - The stainless steel edge (or teeth) reaches through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair as well topcoat hair. After testing a conventional brush versus the FURminator brush, there was a huge difference in the amount of fur each brush managed to trap. The conventional brush was not able to reach and remove the “undercoat” whereas the FURminator removed it with ease. Also, it was able to remove any dirt or debris very easily where the conventional brush could not reach.
  • Effort - you really do not have to use much pressure as you brush. The edge is that good at grabbing the hair! Only use short, light strokes of the brush. The brush is lightweight so your hands do not tire.
  • Less frequent grooming time! It is so good at pulling the hair that you can groom your cat less often.  I used to groom my cat 2-3 times per week with a regular cat brush. Now, with the FURminator brush, I only brush her once per week!  
  • Handle - Sleek and ergonomic, wrapped with rubber, making for an easy and comfortable hold.
  • FURejector button – Releases hair with ease, making “deShedding” easier than ever.


It is an investment. FURminators range in price from $25 - $100 depending on the type.

Check out our video demonstration of the FURminator with special guest cat, Maggie!


Personally, I love the FURminator brush! It does the job in less time and more effectively. No need to brush my cat more than once a week so this leaves more time for me and less stress on the cat (for those cats who hate being groomed). I was hesitant at first because of the cost, but now I really do not know what I would do without it! 

An important note! If you are doing regular grooming and you are still noticing a lot of shedding, please seek medical advice from your veterinarian. In some cases, over shedding may be a symptom of a medical condition.

Welcome to Le CatBlog

My name is Tracy and I am the founder of Le CatBlog and LeCatShop. In November 2019, I started this journey to become an exclusive e-commerce shop where cat lovers can find cat-themed items for cats and their humans 😻. In February 2022, LeCatShop launched a new and improved website to offer our customers a modern look and a new online shopping experience 🛒🛍️.  

Since I was a child, I have always loved cats. It was a dream of mine to combine work with my love for cats. Opening up my own e-commerce shop dedicated to offering exclusive cat items to humans and their cats was the perfect combination of entrepreneurship and cats! I have always been a master at finding unique cat items like mugs, cutlery, pictures, purses, jewelry, etc. - you name it! People are always asking me where I find these things. Now, I am putting my skills to good use and offering cat lovers a place to find exclusive gifts for you, your cat(s), family, and friends!  We are always adding new, exciting items so please keep visiting our store so you do not miss out on that purr-fect gift for you!

What are our goals? 

  • Of course, we need to make a living. We work hard so our cats can have better lives 😻
  • We want to share our love of cats by offering cat lovers a place where you can get all things cat for cats and their humans.
  • Through our Le CatBlog, we want to provide our readers with exciting information on LeCatShop's new items, cat care, and other cat-related topics!
  • Help cats in need. As our profits grow, we would like to support registered cat rescue charities by donating a percentage of our profits to them so they can continue their important work.

Thank you for stopping by Le CatBlog. Check out our blog every week to find out what is happening in the world of cats at LeCatshop 😻.

 Tracy Sanders

 P.S. At home, my husband and I, are cat parents to 2 very spoiled black and white cats - Eddie and Sammy. They are both rescue kitties.

‘Tis the Season: Cats and Hairballs

 All cat owners have endured at least one episode of their cat hacking up a hairball.  It is a very unpleasant experience for their cat – an...