Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Welcome to Le CatBlog

My name is Tracy and I am the founder of Le CatBlog and LeCatShop. In November 2019, I started this journey to become an exclusive e-commerce shop where cat lovers can find cat-themed items for cats and their humans 😻. In February 2022, LeCatShop launched a new and improved website to offer our customers a modern look and a new online shopping experience 🛒🛍️.  

Since I was a child, I have always loved cats. It was a dream of mine to combine work with my love for cats. Opening up my own e-commerce shop dedicated to offering exclusive cat items to humans and their cats was the perfect combination of entrepreneurship and cats! I have always been a master at finding unique cat items like mugs, cutlery, pictures, purses, jewelry, etc. - you name it! People are always asking me where I find these things. Now, I am putting my skills to good use and offering cat lovers a place to find exclusive gifts for you, your cat(s), family, and friends!  We are always adding new, exciting items so please keep visiting our store so you do not miss out on that purr-fect gift for you!

What are our goals? 

  • Of course, we need to make a living. We work hard so our cats can have better lives 😻
  • We want to share our love of cats by offering cat lovers a place where you can get all things cat for cats and their humans.
  • Through our Le CatBlog, we want to provide our readers with exciting information on LeCatShop's new items, cat care, and other cat-related topics!
  • Help cats in need. As our profits grow, we would like to support registered cat rescue charities by donating a percentage of our profits to them so they can continue their important work.

Thank you for stopping by Le CatBlog. Check out our blog every week to find out what is happening in the world of cats at LeCatshop 😻.

 Tracy Sanders

 P.S. At home, my husband and I, are cat parents to 2 very spoiled black and white cats - Eddie and Sammy. They are both rescue kitties.

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